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  Turnkey Customer Financing Closes More Deals
If you're a manufacturer or distributor, you know you that financing is often the key to closing a deal. But many financing programs are expensive, inefficient or just don't get the job done. And they can take valuable time away from your most important job, building your business. The solution?
A turnkey financing program managed by Captive Capital. We operate your financing under your brand name, and the risk is on the lender, not you. Captive Capital works with more than 20 financing sources, so we can accommodate virtually every customer. And when you can offer every customer financing, you close more deals -- and you close them faster.
As your partner, Captive Capital does all the work:
We support and manage the origination process with you and your customer
We match every transaction with the lender that best meets your customer's needs
We work with your customer to close the deal and make sure you get paid on time
We handle deals from $5,000 to $5 million, for new or used equipment
Readily available financing means more closed deals, more repeat business, higher margins and more satisfied customers. And Captive Capital means readily available financing.
Rapid approvals are key
The faster your customer is approved, the faster you get your money.
Captive Capital recruits and manages multiple lenders. That means we can accommo date more customers -- and your customers can have a choice. We can use your existing lender relationships, if you prefer.
Since financing is under your brand name, you can integrate it into your sales process.
We take customer applications by fax, phone and the web
Our in-house customer service team stays with you from application through funding to make the experience fast, easy and reliable.
Customers receive fast approvals with competitive offers
We can turn deals more quickly because we have an internal funding arm, Star Capital Group
Captive Capital makes it possible with turnkey programs that give your customers access to multiple lenders. You close more deals with a Captive Capital program.
For more information on how Captive Capital can help you close more deals, call 1-800-994-3415 or email info@captivecorp.com
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